Danica (Niki) Radisic

Danica, known to most as Niki, founded Krazy Fish in 2010. She is a born communicator and wordsmith, known for her sharp mind and sheer clarity in getting the message across precisely. She’s been called an expert, but doesn’t like it. Our favorite description of her, by a colleague, reads:

“She comes to battle ready to wage war, not merely look good in the gleaming armor and flashy accessories.”

Niki was born and raised on the Iberian Peninsula, with time spent in the US and the Middle East as she was growing up, and remains a nomad at heart. Niki is a longtime information junkie and autodidact. That’s just our fancy way of saying she dropped out of college and went on to raise two kids, a couple of businesses, and learn lots of stuff about lots of stuff.

Her native languages are Serbian, English, and Portuguese. She also speaks Spanish, Italian, some French and is eager to learn more. She enjoys a good debate and constant learning, good food, strong beer, and laughter.