We’re hiring!

We’re not looking for a rock star. We’re not looking for a social media expert or a guru. If you’ve ever been called any one of those or similar, please don’t apply.

We are a small, distributed, international team. We make sure someone is available to clients online 24/7/365. Our clients are individuals and small businesses, mostly in the North American and Western European markets, with the occasional large corporation sneaking into our portfolio.

Because we work online, from several locations, and sometimes under pressure, we’re a very tightly knit team and company culture is important to us. More than fitting in, we’re looking for you to bring something to that culture. If you’re quirky but rational, easy-going but responsible, confident but with a touch of humility, well-informed but constantly questioning, and good at reading both people and numbers – then we want to meet you!

That being said, here’s what we are looking for.

2 Marketing & Communications Interns

These are paid, remote internship positions for a minimum of 3 months. After the 3-month internship period, the aim is to hire the trained interns full-time, remotely.


  • An insane sense of humor – Some of the work we do can get really serious. We need to laugh.
  • A deep understanding of people – Most of our work is either about starting or ending a conversation well.
  • In-depth knowledge of social networks and their advertising & promo features – If you don’t know that Facebook Ads is a complex platform practically separate from the Facebook social platform, please don’t apply.
  • Knowledge of marketing and public relations basics – Really, just the very basics. But you have to know them.
  • Ability to work independently – While we do have official work hours, we will expect you to finish tasks and assignments pretty much whenever it suits you. We work to live, not the other way around. But our clients do too, so work needs to get done and on time.
  • Understanding of the word ‘deadline’ – We have at least one deadline per day, sometimes per hour. Come rain or come high hell, those deadlines must be met.
  • Perfect English – We don’t care where you learned it or if you have an accent. But our official team language is English and the content we create is most often in English, so we need someone with impeccable grammar and a developed vocabulary.
  • Understanding and acceptance of other cultures & beliefs – We run into all kinds of people and our task is always to carry a conversation with people, in one form or another. If you can’t understand where people are coming from and how they think, you can’t work in international marketing and communications. There will be plenty on-the-job training, but you must have an open mind.
  • A complete LinkedIn profile – Please apply with a cover letter, email address, and LinkedIn profile only. If we’re interested, we’ll get in touch to hear more about you. If you don’t have a completed LinkedIn profile, now is a great time to go do that.

Bonus point if you have any of these:

  • Knowledge of a second or third language
  • Experience in working in more than one market
  • A couple of years of a marketing-related major at university level
  • Any experience in marketing, public relations or journalism
  • Ideas, new solutions, and a proactive attitude
  • A rare hobby you can teach us more about
  • Knowledge about a topic that most people don’t know and/or care about

If the above describes you and you feel like you might like to be a part of our team, write up a cover letter and email it to Niki at office@krazy.fish by February 28, 2017. In the cover letter, include a link to your LinkedIn profile and, among other things you want to mention, please answer this:

We’re revamping a website for a client who ordered the old version of their website completely redone to attract more traffic and sales leads. The client is a small business that has been in business for 10 years and they’ve had a website throughout, which has brought them more business but has been lagging in this sense over the past couple of years. We proposed changes that, from our experience and based on recent research and results in online consumer behavior and sales methods, should bring in better results. These changes, however, are vastly different from what the client had on their old website and that worked for them in the past. The client previously had 5000+ words of copy on their static pages and landing pages, we’re suggesting 150 to 500 words on each page. They previously had fewer and low-quality images for faster loading, we’re suggesting high-quality rich images and explainer videos. They previously had a newsletter once a month, we’re suggesting a blog with a dozen posts per month, daily social media posting on three channels, and a weekly newsletter to bring it all together. The client says it all seems like a whole lot of work and it’s “too different” from what worked for them in the past. How do we explain to the client, word for word, why we feel they should accept our suggestions? Is there any way we can prove to the client that this is what works best today?

Please use a casual tone and approach when you email us. Be polite, but be human. We’re not a large agency with a corporate environment. No one around here goes around calling each other “sir” or “ma’am”. If you’re going to work with us, we’d like to get to know you.

And just to make sure you’ve read all of this carefully, we’d like you to add one more detail to your cover letter. Tell us why you’re applying for this internship or why you’re looking for a job in this particular line of business.

Looking forward to meeting you!